Technical accessibility, introduction

The training is aimed towards those who may be developers who are new to accessibility, to the ones who are responsible for the web, or procurers who need a basic understanding in order to be able to set relevant requirements and check technical accessibility.

In order to comply with standards and create an accessible interface, you need to learn how it works and looks in reality. Otherwise, ther is a chance that you inadvertedly build an interface so that user groups get locked out. Often, these kinds of problems are not made consciously, but through a lack of knowledge regarding accessibility.

This training touches upon how to build accessible interfaces in html and CSS. Still, this training does not require advanced skills. During the training, we will walk you through the process of developing an accessible interface, step by step.

Our basis are the international accessibility guidelines WCAG 2.0 and we will step by step describe how to ensure that your interface works for all users.

Topics that will be discussed during the training:

  • Code quality
  • Separation of content and layout
  • Flexibility of the interface
  • Basic tips on how to think regarding scripts and accessibility
  • Navigation
  • Tagging of different kinds of objects
  • Tables

We won’t just talk about the how of making an accessible interface, but also the why. How will an inaccessible interface impact the users? The training won’t make you an HTML developer, but will give you an understanding of how code impacts end users.

Prior experience

Some basic understanding of HTML is needed, but this is basic training. We also have specialized course packages for advanced developers.


Only theoretical

Full day

Theory before lunch and a customized package for the efternoon, using examples from your environments and needs.

The training can be combined with further training in responsive design, WAI-ARIA, etc.