Educational films

Many of our customers find it difficult to maintain the skills within their organization. Staff end their employment, attend parental leave or get new task assignments. We are therefore developing a whole series of educational films, so that more people can enjoy our courses.

We have been producing educational films for individual customers for a long time, but now we have also started producing larger-scale educational films to reach out to anyone who wants to learn more.

A good way to make sure you do not lose knowledge is to subscribe to Funka's educational films. You will then have access to the corresponding material as in our live courses, on a login site. Everyone in your organisation gets access to the educational films and can share the content many times, go back and repeat or watch when you have time.

Short clip from Funka's educational film "Accessible pdf files" (in Swedish)

Short clip from Funka's educational film "Introduction to Accessibility" (in Swedish)

If you subscribe to knowledge, you are always up to date

The educational films are divided into shorter sections so that it is easy to choose which parts that are relevant to each specific role. So when we say "educational film" we really mean 10-15 short films in a package. Many of our customers use our educational films as part of the introductory package that all employees take part of when they begin at the municipality or the authority.

Price per educational film: SEK 24,000 for the first year's subscription, then SEK 12,000 per year.

We will gradually offer all our courses in an educational film version. Planned productions so far are:

  • Stricter legal requirements
  • Accessible Publishing
  • Technical continuation course

If you would rather want to experience the course live, please contact us. We can schedule a suitable date for you to complete the course, or see which dates are already planned. Most courses are provided as webinars, via Adobe Connect, but of course we also conduct on-site training.