Funka's trainers

Funka's trainers have long experience of both practical and theoretical courses, lectures and answering questions about accessibility and usability. Our trainers have a deep knowledge of their special areas and, on average, perform 20-30 training sessions per year.

  • Christer Janzon

    Web Developer Christer is a front end developer and expert on accessibility. Christer is also an experienced examiner of system architecture and uses his skills to educate developers. Christer has been involved since the start of Funka and few experts can claim as deep knowledge of developing accessible interfaces as Christer. Christer is a certified Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS).
  • Danne Borell

    Expert in accessible pdfs and training instructor Danne is an expert on accessibility in pdf documents and technical accessibility. He quality assures pdf documents by ensuring that they comply with the requirements and tests that they work with assistive technology. Danne is a popular trainer who conducts technical analysis of web interfaces and educates at many of our courses. Danne also designed our educational video about accessible pdf documents. Danne is a certified Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS).
  • Frida Westholm

    Art director Frida is a graphic designer and accessibility expert. She educates you on how to connect form and function so that all users will have the same opportunities to understand the interface. Frida is a popular lecturer and is a recurring feature of the program during Funka Accessibility Days.
  • Henrik Juhlin

    Web Developer Henrik is a system- and web developer with a focus on EPiServer. Henrik holds our more technical education, where he shares his deep experience in developing accessible interfaces. Henrik is also happy with our customers for more practical workshops and hackathons.
  • Joakim Centervik

    Tester and Training Instructor Joakim is Assistive Technology expert at Funka. He performs tests with screen readers and shows how blind and visually impaired users handle the web. He also provides support to assistive technology users and has designed a training specifically for end users. Joakim often contributes to our education and hackathons to show how things work with various assistive technology, show how he is surfing with braille, screen readers and audio, and allows the participants to try it on their own.
  • Johan Kling

    Head of Quality Johan is Head of Funka’s Web Development Unit, developer and Project Manager. Johan is one of the leading technical experts in WCAG and other relevant regulations and has more than 15 years experience in developing websites and systems to work for everyone. He carries out many of our technically oriented programs and practical code workshops with developers.
  • Josefin Wessman

    Accessibility and User Experience Expert Josefin reviews, user tests and provides support in terms of technical and educational accessibility. She holds several of Funka's courses. With a teaching degree, she is a popular lecturer. Josefin is a certified Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS).
  • Karin Forsell

    Language expert Karin is a language expert and accessibility consultant. She is a trained journalist with extensive experience working with text and reading comprehension from an accessibility perspective. Karin is one of our most popular trainers who specializes in learning how to publish and write accessible content, how to write in plain language and easy-to-read, treatment of people with disabilities and much more.
  • Linus Ersson

    Accessibility and User Experience Expert Linus reviews, performs user tests, leads workshops and supports concept development. He is also course leader at Funka's User Experience training. Linus has a long experience of UX work and often shares his tips on how to integrate UX and accessibility with each other.
  • Susanna Laurin

    Chief Research and Innovation Officer Susanna is Chief Research and Innovation Officer of Funka, strategic consultant for the EU Commission and several national governments regarding requirements, laws and policies, active in standardisation, a diligent debate leader and international lecturer. She focuses on strategic and rights-related issues and has long-standing experience in working with accessible design and content. Susanna is a guest lecturer at Stockholm University regarding accessible design and is a popular lecturer at many of Funka's courses, especially with focus on requirements, standards, rules and legislation. Susanna is a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC).