Open training sessions

Funka continuously offers a wide range of courses that address different aspects of accessibility. Through us, you can learn about law, design, technology and publishing with an accessibility focus.

We are continuously updating the website with new course dates so that your organisation can plan your competence development far in advance.

On the site for each course respectively, you can read more about its content and program. Below, our currently planned courses are being listed.

Our open training sessions

  • Web Accessibility Directive

    Do you work with communication or information, documents, external web, intranet or apps in the public sector? Or deliver services, development, form, UX, content or other web-based activities to customers in the public sector? Then you need to understand what the Web Accessibility Directive is all about. This open training session covers everything you need to know!

  • Introduction to accessibility

    The training is aimed at basically everyone. Whether you are a decision-maker, communications officer, editor, project manager, procurer or if you handle information in any way.

  • Technical accessibility, introduction

    The training is aimed towards those who may be developers who are new to accessibility, to the ones who are responsible for the web, or procurers who need a basic understanding in order to be able to set relevant requirements and check technical

  • UX and accessibility

    Funka’s training for you who works with interfaces and wants to understand how ux and accessibility is related! Whether you’re a concept designer, graphics designer, interaction designer, service designer usability expert, front-end developer or ux designer, this training has something for you!

  • Publishing accessible content

    The training is aimed at editors, those responsible for web content and project managers.

  • Accessible PDF files

    The training is aimed to everyone who produce or publish PDF documents that will be used digitally.