Accessible PDF files

The training is aimed to everyone who produce or publish PDF documents that will be used digitally.

The training gives basic knowledge on how PDF files are made accessible for everyone, especially users of assistive technology. Before the training, we would like to look over some examples of documents, made in MS Word, Adobe InDesign and Adobe PDF, respectively. This enables the trainer to find examples from your documents.

In addition to the trainer, we can also offer that a severly visually impaired user shows how he reads PDF documents, using a screen reader. 

Topics that will be discussed during the training:

  • How to create accessible pdf documents in Word and/or InDesign
  • How to handle images and links
  • Format templates and headlines
  • PDF conversions
  • Post-production in Adobe Professional
  • Forms in Adobe Professional
  • Security
  • Accessibility evaluation of completed documents

Prior knowledge

Some basic skills in Adobe Acrobat, Word and (if needed) InDesign. Funka’s introduction to accessibility is recommended.

We recommend you to first participate in the training and the follow up with a workshop after having worked with your documents for a while. Most often, we find that questions arise after you have had the chance to work on your own.

Practical Information

This educational session is conducted online. The webinar is broadcast via Zoom, which means that we send a video of the presenter, sound, the presentation and chat live.

Technical conditions


Public sector

1 person 320 €
2 people 310 € per person = 620 €
3 people 290 € per person = 870 €
4 people 270 € per person = 1080 €
5 people 250 € per person = 1250 € + 230 € each for 6 or more people

Private sector

1 person 440 €
2 people 430 € per person = 860 €
3 people 410 € per person = 1230 €
4 people 390 € per person = 1560 €
5 people 370 € per person = 1850 € + 350 € each for 6 or more people

Disability organizations receive a 20 % discount on public sector pricing.

If you would like to register a group, follow these steps:

  1. Register one participant including invoice information.
  2. Send the registration.
  3. In the confirmation window that now appears onscreen there is a link, ”Register more”.
  4. Click the link and add the names and email addresses for everyone who will participate.

Funka’s documentation in English is included.
Prices do not include tax.


The session is between 13.00-16.00.

General conditions and handling of personal data

By registering for the program you agree to our general terms and conditions.  We never provide for personal details to a third party.

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