Publishing accessible content

The training is aimed at editors, those responsible for web content and project managers.

Accessiblity is so much more than the technological aspect! Editors have a great responsibility for ensuring that the website is accessible for all users. When the developer have done their part, your task of ensuring the continued accessibility of the website, by ensuring that you publish accessible content.

In order to ensure that the content is readable, structured and available for the user, som basic understanding of accessibility is needed for the editor. To be able to produce understandable links and be able to weigh width and depth in the navigation structure is beneficial for all users, and especially for users of assistive technology and users with special needs. In fact, it may be vital for their ability to use the interface.

The training will focus on what you as an editor need to keep in mind in order to publish accessible content. The training will focus on your website and the trainer will provide examples, both good and bad, from other, similar websites.

Topics that will be discussed during the training:

  • What is ”accessible content”?
  • Navigation and information structure
  • Images, video, audio and illustrations
  • Producing understandable links
  • How to approach headlines, itemized lists and tables
  • The structure and formatting of text
  • Colours and contrasts
  • Alternative descriptions of visual content

Prior knowledge

Funka’s introduction to accessibility or an equivalent is recommended.


Only theoretical

Full day

Theory before lunch and practical excercises in the afternoon.

This is not a writing course with practical excercises. In order to learn how to write understandable text, look up our other trainings!