UX and accessibility

To ensure the usefulness of your website or e-service, users must understand how to interact with it. How users experience your interface may vary, but it is equally important for everyone, regardless of ability. There is a danger between distinguishing ux from accessibility, since both are equally important for the user. There is no point in a technically accessible website, if the user experience is bad. In contrast, it’s very ineffiecent to create great user experiences that doesn’t work for people.

Funka’s training in how ux and accessibility are connected uses clear examples on how you can achieve design for all. We will take you through the most important aspects from a user perspective and will find examples from your every day operations.

The training is for anyone who works with interfaces; concept designers, graphics designers, interaction designers, service designers, usability experts or ux people.

Things we’ll touch upon during the training:

  • Rules, guidelines and standards – how they are used and what’s what
  • The flexibility, responsivity and accessibility of the interface
  • Navigation, menus and logic
  • Graphics
  • Look and feel’ of text
  • Understandable functionality

Practical Information

This educational session is conducted online. The webinar is broadcast via Zoom, which means that we send a video of the presenter, sound, the presentation and chat live.

Technical conditions


Public sector

1 person 320 €
2 people 310 € per person = 620 €
3 people 290 € per person = 870 €
4 people 270 € per person = 1080 €
5 people 250 € per person = 1250 € + 230 € each for 6 or more people

Private sector

1 person 440 €
2 people 430 € per person = 860 €
3 people 410 € per person = 1230 €
4 people 390 € per person = 1560 €
5 people 370 € per person = 1850 € + 350 € each for 6 or more people

Disability organizations receive a 20 % discount on public sector pricing.

If you would like to register a group, follow these steps:

  1. Register one participant including invoice information.
  2. Send the registration.
  3. In the confirmation window that now appears onscreen there is a link, ”Register more”.
  4. Click the link and add the names and email addresses for everyone who will participate.

Funka’s documentation in English is included.
Prices do not include tax.


The session is between 13.00-16.00.

General conditions and handling of personal data

By registering for the program you agree to our general terms and conditions.  We never provide for personal details to a third party.

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