Web Accessibility Directive

Do you work with communication or information, documents, external web, intranet or apps in the public sector? Or deliver services, development, form, UX, content or other web-based activities to customers in the public sector? Then you need to understand what the Web Accessibility Directive is all about. This open training session covers everything you need to know!

The Web Accessibility Directive went into effect in all EU countries on September 23, 2018.  The law applies to the entire public sector and certain governmental organizations.  This means that websites, extranet, intranet, documents and apps shall meet the accessibility requirements in the European standard EN301549.  Also, all within the scope of the law must declare their accessibility status, offer users the opportunity to give feedback, provide alternative access to information and a link for possible complaints.  It’s a lot to handle!

About the Training

During the training, we cover, among other things:

  • Which interfaces are covered by the directive
  • What you need to know about declaring accessibility status
  • How supervision will take place and how often
  • Which deadlines apply for each requirement
  • When it is possible to declare unreasonable burden
  • Which requirements apply to different formats and documents
  • The harmonized EN-standard (and WCAG 2.1), what are the recent developments
  • How can I use the EN-standard to set requirements and check delivery?

Who should attend this training

This training is meant for those of you who are responsible for, order, set requirements for, purchase, develop, procure, publish, design, write or in other ways work with websites, intranet or apps within the public sector.  All of these roles are affected by the distinct demands of accessibility.

Previous knowledge

Participants are expected to be familiar with the basics of accessibility and which target groups are affected, plus have some knowledge of the applicable standards.

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      Location: Webinar, Via Adobe Connect
      Price: €350 per attendee (Public Sector), €450 per attendee (Private Sector). Group discounts available, please contact us for details.
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