Practical exercises / demos

If you want to learn more about disabilities, there are two very good methods: either self-experience how to get around in a wheelchair or as a visually impaired person, or to meet people with disabilities, listen to other perspectives and get the opportunity to ask questions. We offer all this and more.

We have courses in how current requirements and regulations look like, regarding everything from homes and car parks to playgrounds and elevators.

We also offer demonstrations of various assistive technology, giving you the chance to see how visual impaired and blind persons are browsing the internet, how motor activity problems affect how one use the web, how extreme magnification works and what a dyslexic is most helped by.

We also offer Hackathons for developers who want to work practically.

We are currently in the process of developing experience exercises using Virtual Reality simulation. (coming)

The courses are being held online, in our own premises in Stockholm or at a venue of your preference. All our courses could be tailor-made according to according to the wishes of your organisation.

Our practical exercises / demos

  • How does assistive technology work?

    The training is aimed to everyone who work with digital interfaces. Executive officers, information officers, editors, designers, developers, project managers and procurers can make use of this training.