How does assistive technology work?

The training is aimed to everyone who work with digital interfaces. Executive officers, information officers, editors, designers, developers, project managers and procurers can make use of this training.

The training will give you the chance to learn how the blind surf the internet, how motor impairments affect navigation, how extreme zoom works and what things help persons with dyslexia the most. Theory is all well and good, but many who work with the Web wonder how using the Internet with a disabilities actually works. And seeing the difference an accessible product makes, will surely show the benefits!

Funka’s consultants and users of assistive technology will show how persons of varying abilities really use the internet and you will have the chance to try the technologies yourself.

Topics that will be discussed during the training:

  • General information on assistive technology and standards
  • Screen readers
  • Braille
  • Extreme zoom
  • Reading aides
  • Different methods of input
  • Sign language
  • Differences between text-to-speech products like BrowseAloud and screen readers

Prior knowledge

Not needed, this is an introductory training.


Only theoretical