Accessible intranet

Many public authorities and local governments work regularly with acessibility on the public websites. But when it comes to the intranet, focus has generally not been fading. This is a bit strange, because it should be just as important for employees to reach interal infromation in an efficient and inclusive way.

The new, stricter, anti discrimination legislation in Sweden has made the responsibility of the employers more clear, and we see an increase in assignments around accessible intranets. 

We really think this is a trend, says Johan Kling, responsible for development and quality at Funka. Society needs to be more inclusive also in the work place.

At the local government level, a large work has been done in the context of Funka’s network of local governments. We have worked closely together with more than 60 organisations developing and designing a content structure as well as an accessible prototype for intranets suited for local governments.