Interaction design

Put effort in developing a good concept, or interaction design, before starting to develop. By doing that you can avoid making late, unnecessary and time-consuming changes.

By letting Funka help you in developing the concept for the new website, intranet or app you will stay clear of most problems involving poor usability and low pedagogical accessibility right from the start.

At Funka we have several outstanding experts at interaction design and usability on staff. Besides we are highly experienced in working according to our proven methodology on hundreds of web and intranet projects.

Of course, we create concepts for the websites we develop ourselves, but we are also involved in reviewing or creating interaction design for clients who have chosen another technology provider.

There are mistakes that can easily be avoided says Andreas Blackne, a specialist at interaction design at Funka. A well-functioning concept is crucial in this day and age, especially since there are a lot of requirements that the website should work both in traditional desktop environments as well as in mobile units in the street. 

Once a website is finished making changes is really expensive. Before development starts, changes cost virtually nothing. That is why time and time again it has been proved profitable in interaction design to think ahead. At Funka, we do this by sketching a concept, or interaction design, that is later transformed into a clickable prototype. A prototype that will work as ground-material for the graphic design and for all development that follows. 

This way the concept may be tested on users at early stages of a project making it easier to discover possible problems, faults or flaws – again, at a very low cost. With a good interaction design we make sure the functions of the website are logically designed, that the information structure is built in an effective manner and that the website fulfils the users’ expectations of how it should work. 

When comparing our projects with other partners, developers or competitors we clearly see that we spend a lot more time on the preparation stage than others, states Andreas Blackne. The result is websites that work better for everyone. 


José Angel Martínez Usero

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