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About FEAT

The project FEAT (Features for accessibility through templates) is funded by the European Commission and carried out by Funka.

The aim of the project is to design and develop templates with built-in features for increased accessibility by default to provide better support for web authors. The project is using Episerver (Optimizely) as a pilot, but the features can be used by any authoring tool.

General objectives

The overall objective of the project is to provide a hands-on solution for web authors to comply with the Web Accessibility Directive, incorporating accessibility features by default as well as built-in support for features that cannot be automated, in all kinds of web authoring tools. This makes it easy for authors to publish accessible content, even without extensive knowledge of accessibility.

The project has developed model templates with built-in accessibility support, using Episerver (Optimizely) as the demonstrator. The accessibility features of these templates are provided free of charge for anyone to use, and are possible to implement in any licensed or open-source authoring tool in the European market of public sector bodies and beyond.

Project results: downloadable templates

The results of the project are presented in this website and the ten accessible by default templates are available for anyone to use!

You can access the templates, free of charge, at the Optimizely App Marketplace. The Marketplace is a “one-stop shop”, providing solutions that are verified by Optimizely. The FEAT templates can be added to the Optimizely (previously Episerver) CMS and using them will help you create accessible content.

FEAT templates for download via the Optimizely App Marketplace - opens in a new window

If you are developing or using another authoring tool you can download the templates directly from Bitbucket, which is a “Git based” repository for hosting source code, as well as a tool to develop code collaboratively. The FEAT templates are hosted here, and they are free to download for anyone.

FEAT templates for download from Bitbucket - opens in a new window