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In order to support web authors to comply with the Web Accessibility Directive, and to maximise the impact of the project, we have selected a set of templates that provides a good start for a basic information website in public sector. This means covering page types and functionality that is usually found in these kinds of websites. Using these templates will makes it easier to create and maintain websites that comply with the minimum accessibility requirements in the Directive.

By using block functions, the accessibility features are possible to re-use in different page templates, providing flexibility to the web authors and a solid support when creating an accessible website.

By dividing the objects into fixed, accessible characteristics, accessible content creation is simplified.

This process makes it easier for the web author to ensure that concept, design patterns and accessibility levels are kept intact.

This will not only help the web authors in their daily work, but it also means that the technical accessibility knowledge of the ICT supplier becomes less important.

The division into smaller parts is also helpful for the wider uptake of the templates in other authoring tools, paving the way for inspiration and innovation in all tools built on templates.

The accessible by default templates are published on Bitbucket, where anyone can download them free of charge:

FEAT templates for download - opens in a new window

Video demonstrations for all features

We have prepared a live demonstration for each template, to present them in a practical, easy-to-understand way. Below you can see the video demonstration on the framework feature, as an example: