Funka focuses on accessibility

We analyse, develop and educate in accessibility. We provide support, recommendations and user testing. We contribute to standards and guidelines at national and international level. We are market leaders in accessibility. We like to say that we can make anything accessible ...

How the Web Accessibility Directive affects the member states

Funka’s Susanna Laurin is an assigned expert working on supporting the member states and European Commission with the transposition of the Web Accessibility Directive. Right now, many important discussions are going on.

Report from Paris

Culture was the theme at this year's European eAccessibility Forum. Here is our report from an interesting event in sunny Paris.

An embedded accessibility expert

If you really want to succeed in accessibility, use the trick of embedding an expert into the team of developers, graphical designers and interaction designers. It is a sure way to provide day to day training and focus on the user experience.

Funka supports Youths with Disabilities

Helping end user organisations with accessibility is usually a win-win. The assignment for The Norwegian Association of Youths with Disabilities will teach us more about the members' specific needs at the same time as we provide support when it comes to web accessibility.

Better digital workplaces with accessible systems

Almost everyone uses some kind of digital tool at work. If these are not accessible, we will never reach an inclusive society. That is why assignments focused on internal systems are so important. Right now, we are helping CERES with accessibility.

Funka in pictures: New perspectives on accessibility

There are so many good and bad examples that we would like to share with you! Follow us on Instagram to learn more about accessibility and usability just by looking at the pictures. If you prefer text, we will always still have loads of articles and reports in our other channels.

Funka profile of the month: Henrik Juhlin

The employees at Funka all have a great commitment to social issues, even beyond the issues regarding accessibility. Some of our colleagues want to share their experiences, and the turn has come to Henrik, one of our skillful developers, who spends a lot of his spare time in local politics.

Report from the M-Enabling Summit in Washington

The M-Enabling Summit is a major conference in the United States that mixes industry, public sector and end user perspectives. This year, the event was combined with sessions and certification exams arranged by the professional association IAAP.