Funka focuses on accessibility

We analyse, develop and educate in accessibility. We provide support, recommendations and user testing. We contribute to standards and guidelines at national and international level. We are market leaders in accessibility. We like to say that we can make anything accessible ...

Mexico on its way towards web accessibility

Funkas assignment for the Mexican government started with an intense week of meetings, ending with a policy on web accessibility being published.

Global charter for digital inclusion

Funka has signed a charter on digital inclusion through public procurement and global standardization in ICT.

Funka Accessibility Days

The 13-14th of April 2016 it happens again: the world’s foremost experts on accessibility and usability will meet in Stockholm to share their knowledge and experience. You’ll be there, right?


Stångåstaden (public housing in Linköping) has tasked Funka with doing user tests and evaluating their web interface from a usability- and accessibility standpoint.

The Norwegian government once again selects Funka

The Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation (GSSO) has chosen to sign an agreement with Funka, making us a special contractor delivering solutions in universal design to the GSSO and the Offices of the Prime Minister.

Research on navigation

The AAL-funded NavMem project has ended successfully. Funka has participated in the final phases and contributed to business modelling and accessibility requirements.

Funka provides EVRY with a custom solution

Funka has developed a custom course- and auditing package for the Norwegian ICT vendor EVRY. The goal of the project is to further enhance the universal design of the e-banking service they are developing.

The collective housing of the future

Together with Gisselberg Architects, Funka is developing the housing of a new generation. The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning is financing the project with the aim of creating accessible, attractive and economic living environment for the young.

Let the visitor use pictures!

Funka’s tips for improved accessibility is a source of inspiration. We invite end users, clients and experts to be innovative and share knowledge. This time the tip has to do with images.