Funka focuses on accessibility

We analyse, develop and educate in accessibility. We provide support, recommendations and user testing. We contribute to standards and guidelines at national and international level. We are market leaders in accessibility. We like to say that we can make anything accessible ...

When standardisation needs to move fast

Funka's Susanna Laurin is contributing to the development of the updated EN 301 549 standard to make the Web Accessibility Directive operational this time next year.

Workshop in Genua

As part of the EU-funded research project RISEWISE, Funkas Roberto Zuffada and Susanna Laurin recently participated in an interesting workshop in beautiful Genua with project partners, researchers and students.

European Patients’ Forum chooses Funka

Funka has been assigned to develop a new website for the European Patient's Forum, EPF.

Interpreting the international accessibility guidelines

Now you can interact, discuss and compare web interface assessments in the new tool COMPARE. The goal is for more people to interpret the requirements of the international guidelines WCAG 2.0. in the same way.

Botkyrka municipality's road to accessibility

Botkyrka municipality in Sweden actively works with accessibility. Among other things, they hired Funka for training their staff in publishing accessible content. Ann Bjellert, disabilities strategist at Botkyrka municipality, tells us about the municipality's path towards becoming more accessible.

First steps for the IAAP Nordic chapter!

This autumn, the Nordic Chapter of IAAP, covering Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, has started its activities with meeting potential local founders and members. IAAP is The International Association of Accessibility Professionals. The first meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden, in September and we are right now planning for events in the rest of the countries.

Sweden proposes extended discrimination law

Since 2015, lack of accessibility is considered as a violation according to the Swedish Discrimination Act. Companies with less than ten employees have so far been exempted from this tightening of the law and tough action requirements. But since more than 90% of Swedish companies in goods and services are small businesses, the Swedish government now proposes the exemption to be removed.

Funka's video captions are translated into ten languages

Funka has produced videos in English about the European Standard on accessibility in ICT procurement. The videos go through each chapter and describe how the standard can be used. Swedish, Spanish and Portuguese captions have been in place since the spring. In September, we will also launch captions in Norwegian and Finnish, followed by French and Italian.