Main activities and results

All project activities are geared to producing results that will contribute to more accessible and inclusive design processes. The goal is to raise awareness among teachers and students and independence among end users.

INTUX will ensure inclusion and diversity in higher education in the following ways:

  • Providing an understanding of the issues faced by people with disabilities when it comes to users testing.
  • Creating a training course on inclusive and accessible user testing.
  • Developing a handbook on how to teach the training course and ensure an accessible and inclusive learning environment.
  • Implementing user empowerment workshops with people with disabilities to encourage them to take a proactive role in user tests as a future user/consumer.
  • Elaborating recommendations on the inclusion of the training on inclusive and accessible user testing for other universities outside the project consortium.

As a first step, we identified best practices related to inclusive and accessible user testing, both in Europe and internationally. This report lists ten best practices, with details on the focal points as well as on the methods, material/equipment used and the prerequisites for the implementation of the practice.

Overview of best practices on inclusive and accessible user testing (pdf, 390kb)

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