How to activate BrowseAloud

This website works with BrowseAloud.

BrowseAloud has an easy-to-maneuver toolbar that allows you to obtain information in different ways and languages.

With BrowseAloud, you can point with your cursor and have all content read aloud while the text is visually highlighted with a text strip or dimming. You can set how the text should be displayed and read. The tool reads web pages and pdf files, you can then save spoken speech as mp3. It is also possible to have the content translated and read aloud in a variety of languages.

You can activate BrowseAloud as soon as you enter the website by clicking the BrowseAloud icon in the header.


Point and read

When the icon for point and read (icon with the finger) is highlighted, BrowseAloud reads out the text you point to, while the text is highlighted, and you get visual feedback.

Read out continuously / mark and read

If you want to read the entire website, press the play button. You can then pause, play again and quit whenever you want. This function works best with longer texts. You can also first mark the text or paragraph you want to be read aloud and then click the play button, then the reading will begin at the selected mark.

Translation and reading in other languages

Sometimes it can be important to be able to access the information in another language. BrowseAloud can translate texts into 98 different languages and read the texts aloud in 40 languages. The entire website is translated and read aloud in the language of your choice.

Save as mp3

You can choose to save the text as an mp3 (sound file). Select the text you want to save and click on the icon. You can then name the file and save it on your computer. This function is practical when you want to have a longer text read out on the bus on the way home or repeat the information several times, without being connected to the internet.


When dimming is activated, a reading ruler is displayed at the same time as the remaining parts are dimmed. This feature helps you stay focused on what you're reading without being distracted by other things.

Text magnification

With the help of the magnification tool, the text will also be enlarged when read aloud, a text strip will then appear at the top of the page at the same time as the text is read aloud.


By activating simplification of the page, distracting content disappears on the website and simplifies the color and size of the text. You can also design the text in a way that suits you best, for example increasing contrasts by placing white text on a black background.


This button explains the various functions in BrowseAloud.

Settings for BrowseAloud

Under settings, you can make your personal choices. The settings are automatically saved for the website you visit.

Voice speed
Choose the speed you want for the reading.
Speech mode
Choose whether you want to click or hover over a text to have it read aloud.
Specify when something is linked
Select this option if you want BrowseAloud to notify you when the text is linked.
Announce links with one word
Here you can choose which word BrowseAloud should use when the text is linked.
Text magnification size
Here you choose which size you want on the text strip.
User interface
Here you can choose background colors, reading light, background opacity, reading light opacity and reading light height.
Here you choose whether you want to change the color of the toolbar and the text mark. Choose the color that suits you best.