Funka Academy

Funka Academy offers a comprehensive range of web accessibility education and training including on-demand courses , open live lectures and workshops. We also provide tailored training solutions for individual client needs. Funka Academy is a forerunner in EdTech - we use the latest technology including AI to ensure teaching and learning quality. Our flexible approach means that you can actively participate in class, wherever you are!

Introduction to accessibility

Do you want a good introduction to accessibility? Then take the opportunity to attend our basic course. We show clear examples of good and bad accessibility, review statistics, explain political decisions and concepts.

Certification IAAP - Preparatory courses

We offer preparatory courses for those who want to certify with IAAP for CPACC, WAS or ADS. Our courses prepare you with the knowledge and skills you need for the exam.

How to create accessible UX design

In this course we look at how UX, design and accessibility are related, which points are covered in WCAG but also the added value of including users with different disabilities in usability testing.

Universal Design

Do you want to learn more about Universal Design? We will give you a solid background to Universal Design and its concepts. We will explain the seven principles and the Design for all standard, while showing you real life examples.

EU policy and accessibility requirements

This course will give you concrete knowledge of what applies and how your organisation is affected by the Web Accessibility Directive. The course is for yo who are responsible for, order, set requirements, purchase, develop, procure, publish, design, project manage, write or otherwise work with websites, intranets or apps in the public sector.

Introduction to creating accessible documents

What is an accessible document? We go through the basics of content, technology and legal requirements - to give you the best start on the road to becoming a PDF expert.

How to create accessible PDF documents in Acrobat Pro

Forms, tables, reading orders and quality controls - navigating Acrobat Pro can be a jungle. Learn how to work with PDF files from scratch and to create a fully accessible document.

How to create accessible native mobile apps

This course covers both legal requirements and Funka's recommendations, giving you the knowledge you need to make your digital content accessible to everyone.

Accessibility in gaming

Are you working within games? Then you should be aware of the opportunities that lie within making your games more accessible to reach a wider range of players and enhance the gaming experience for both current and new players.


Funka offers you who want to take CPACC certification a preparatory course series. The CPACC means Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies and is issued by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP).


Funka offers a preparatory course series for those who want to take the WAS certification. WAS means Web Accessibility Specialist and is issued by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP).


Get the tools you need for ADS certification with Funka's course series. ADS stands for Accessible Document Specialist and is issued by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP).