Short courses that build competence - in 2 steps

Funka offers a wide range of courses for individuals, companies, organisations and public bodies. Our 2-step course model is unique. Step 1: Get the basics with an on-demand course that you can access the same day you order it. Step 2: Develop more advanced skills by adding a 4-hour live course session. Our Funka accessibility experts ensure you are always up to date.

Introduction to accessibility

Do you want accessibility knowledge at foundation level? Then take the opportunity to attend our introductory course. We show clear examples of good and bad accessibility, review statistics, explain political decisions, concepts and the law.

EU policy and accessibility requirements - Sweden

Whether you are in the public or private sector, you need to understand what the EU directives and subsequent Swedish legislation entail.

Creating accessible UX design

In this course we look at how UX, design and accessibility are related, which points are covered in WCAG but also the added value of including users with different disabilities in usability testing.

Communicating in plain language

Plain language is about adapting texts to the audience and including all readers. Plain language is also about complying with the Language Act, which clearly states that all public organisations should write in a "careful, simple and comprehensible way".

Publishing accessibly on the web

Accessibility is much more than just technology! As a web editor, you have a major responsibility to make the website accessible to all users. Making the content readable and structured for users of assistive technology and users with differing abilities requires basic knowledge of accessibility from the editor's point of view.

Accessible technology, code and development

This course is for those who want to learn more about how to actually achieve accessibility in technical terms. Both according to legal requirements and according to Funka's recommendations.

Accessible mobile applications

This course covers both legal requirements and Funka's recommendations, giving you the knowledge you need to make your digital content accessible to everyone.

Accessible video and mobile media

Are you involved in videos, animation, or working with moving images? This course will teach you everything you need to know to creating mobile media that reach everyone.

Accessible social media

What can you do to publish accessibly on social media? In this course you will learn more about how to create posts and other content that reaches more users and also meets legal requirements.

Introduction to creating accessible documents

What is an accessible document? We go through the basics of content, technology and legal requirements - to give you the best start on the road to becoming a PDF expert.

Making MS Excel and PDF documents accessible

Learn how to produce accessible documents so that everyone can access the content on equal terms. We take a closer look at Excel and the possibilities for working with accessibility in the programme.

Making PDF documents accessible in Acrobat Pro

Forms, tables, reading orders and quality controls - navigating Acrobat Pro can be a jungle. Learn how to work with PDF files from scratch to create a fully accessible document. Our on-demand recorded course gives you a solid foundation.

Making MS Word and PDF documents accessible

Become your organisation's accessibility expert in Word! We take a closer look at forms, heading structures, paragraph formats, reading orders, alt texts and much more. Access the self-paced course today and add a live course session to develop

Making InDesign and PDF documents accessible

Create graphic documents for everyone. Adobe InDesign has everything you need to work with accessibility - let our experts show you how.

Making MS PowerPoint and PDF documents accessible

Learn how to create accessible presentations so that everyone can access the content on an equal basis. We take a closer look at PowerPoint and the accessibility features it offers. The on-demand course is available today.

Universal Design

Do you want to learn more about Universal Design? We will give you a solid background to Universal Design and its concepts. We will explain the seven principles and the Design for all standard, while showing you real life examples.