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Do you want to increase your competitiveness by becoming better at digital accessibility? Funka Academy has comprehensive solutions for modern companies and organisations that see skills development as an obvious means of achieving business or operational goals. We offer our customers the opportunity to make a customised selection and combine discounts based on their own needs and wishes. Download our interactive price list and simulate the total price.

Customised training for you

Funka Academy has extensive experience in meeting the specific wishes and needs of companies, organisations, authorities and municipalities when it comes to competence development in digital accessibility.

Make your own selection from our range of courses

We recognise that clients often need a combination of different courses and course packages based on their own skills needs. This often means that a larger number of employees need broad knowledge at introductory level. For experts, specialists, managers and others, deeper skills in niche areas are required.

We offer the opportunity to make your own selection from our range of courses and course packages.

Up to 90% discount

Funka Academy rewards customers who take a holistic approach to their skills programme. We provide the following discounts.

Package discount

When ordering course packages - packaged courses relevant to a specific professional role - there is a significant discount compared to the regular price per course.

Volume discount

Customers who register at least 10 employees for courses and/or course packages receive a volume discount. The choice is completely free, choose the same course/course package or 10 different ones!

By combining package and volume discounts, organisations can get up to 90% off the regular course price. Download our interactive price list, simulate different selections and see the total price.

Certification through IAAP

More and more of our customers are requesting the opportunity to certify employees in accessibility through the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP).Certified employees are a competitive advantage in procurement, assignments and projects.

Funka's preparatory certification courses aim to provide a clear and inspiring overview and description of the exam outline and content. The courses can be included in the selection. Funka Academy's preparatory courses 

Further customisation and integration

Funka Academy offers a range of opportunities for further customisation, for example, customers can put their own stamp on recorded films through brand identity, custom content and reference material, their own introductions, and more.

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Please contact us at Funka Academy to discuss competence development in digital accessibility.