Course packages for roles and functions

Funka offers tailored accessibility course packages designed for various professional roles and functions. Each package includes a curated selection of courses to enhance skills specific to your role. Begin your skills development today and enhance your learning experience with instructor-led course sessions for maximum benefit.

Accessibility for non-specialists - course package

This package is aimed at those who do not have accessibility as a main or direct task but need to know the essentials - to comply with laws and regulations, and to ensure that you reach out to everyone without exclusion or discrimination.

Accessibility for Developers - course package

The package is aimed at developers, programmers, testers, requirements managers and product owners who want to integrate digital accessibility into the design and development process to create a better user experience for all users.

Accessibility for Editors - course package

Are you an editor, communicator or webmaster? We offer a comprehensive course package for those who communicate and publish online or lead others in this work. A total of 19 hours of recorded material that can be combined with live course sessions taught by Funka's experts.

Accessibility for UX Frontend Designers - course package

The course package aimed at those working in UX or usability design. The package provides you with knowledge in accessibility - in 7 relevant areas. In total, the courses include 9 hours of recorded material.

Accessibility for Creatives - course package

This course package includes a combination of accessibility courses suitable for those working in a creative role. The package is broadly designed and is relevant for several positions including designers, front-end designers,

Accessibility for Decision-makers - course package

A package designed for system owners, sales/marketing managers, buyers, project managers, and other decision-makers. Ensuring that your organisation's offering is accessible is crucial for reaching a wider market for your products or services.

Creating accessible documents - course package

Accessible documents improve the user experience for all users. With this package, you will get a holistic view of what you need to produce accessible documents. Get started right away - access our on-demand courses today.

All courses - course package

This package includes 16 courses with over 20 hours of filmed material that you can also use as a knowledge bank. Do you want more? Add live sessions, taught by Funka experts, that provide further depth and practical application.