Funka focuses on accessibility

Time to fix your PDF documents

Let us take care of the accessibility of your PDF documents during the summer, so you do not have to worry about the September 23 deadline. We can audit, remediate or train - depending on the needs of your organisation.

Funka Accessibility Days November 24-25

To give as many people as possible a chance to attend our annual conference, we have postponed the Accessibility Days to the end of November. We are very much looking forward to exciting presentations and inspiring discussions this year, when teleworking, online training and web meetings have become something everyone is doing. Digital accessibility has never been more important!

Networking and collaboration

Not sure who to ask? Do you need inspiration? Do you want to share your thoughts with like-minded people? Then maybe you should join a network that works with accessibility?

Understandable text through machine learning

Together with the RISE Research Institutes if Sweden, Funka will investigate whether AI can help web authors create texts that are easier to understand.

Funka promoted as key innovator

One of the research projects Funka is working in has been analysed by the Innovation Radar and Funka has been listed as key innovator together with Texthelp and the University of Linz.

Norwegian SpareBank 1 chooses Funka

Funka has been commissioned to audit the accessibility of the Internet bank and banking app for Norwegian SpareBank 1, using the higher level of accessibility requirements that Funka has designed in cooperation with the disability organisations. As SpareBank 1 has higher ambitions than just complying to the law, Funka has been hired to see if there is room for further improvements.

Accessibility training

Make sure your own team as well as many other parts of the organisation get at least basic training in accessibility. It becomes much more easy to move things forward internally if you are not the only one aware of the requirements.

June tip: Write understandable links

Links are important to everyone, as they can lead us right or wrong. For some users, it is especially important that links are clear, but everyone appreciates understanding where a link leads.