Funka focuses on accessibility

Only months until your website needs to be accessible!

Each month, we share a tip about something you can do to increase accessibility. This month, the tip is about headings, what's the fuzz about headings?

Accessibility: the responsibility of the whole team!

Make sure your own team as well as many other parts of the organisation get at least basic training in accessibility. It becomes much more easy to move things forward internally if you are not the only one aware of the requirements.

Procurement - a key to better accessibility

When suppliers do the right thing and deliver accessibility from the start, everything becomes much better. But in order for them to have a chance to do so, you must provide clear requirements. We'll teach you how!

Regional library chooses Funka

Libraries are just one of all the important community services that must meet accessibility requirements under the European Web Accessibility Directive. The regional library of Värmland has chosen to involve expertise on accessibility to ensure that the site works for everyone.

Involving users

When people with disabilities contributes to finding new solutions, set requirements and do testing, the end result is better for everyone. In a new research project, Funka will try to contribute to better user involvement.

Public broadcasting apps accessibility tested

App accessibility is getting increasing attention. For many years Funka has been working with the different digital channels of the Swedish public broadcaster SVT. Right now, we are testing how the popular apps meet accessibility requirements.

Research results: guidelines on authoring tools

Until we will can meet again and conduct our popular lectures and conferences presenting the latest research results we have obtained, we would like promote the reports we are continuously publishing. We are happy to share our knowledge.

Funka’s Accessibility Days September 2nd and 3rd, 2020

Funka Accessibility Days will be moved until September 2-3, 2020 due to Covid-19. If you are already registered, you will receive information by e-mail. We are delighted to be able to offer a new date to share the most important news around web accessibility.