Funka focuses on accessibility

We analyse, develop and educate in accessibility. We provide support, recommendations and user testing. We contribute to standards and guidelines at national and international level. We are market leaders in accessibility. We like to say that we can make anything accessible ...

Funka Accessibility Days - the program is ready!

This year's program has a number of fantastic speakers, including Jamie Knight, Ian Pouncey, Kathy Wahlbin, Inmaculada Placencia Porrero, Eric Eggert, Jack Nicolai, Gudrun Stock, Ian Hamilton, Zoë Bijl, Neil Milliken, Peter Sunna and many more. Register now for this year's most important conference in Stockholm 9-10 April.

The library service answers - just about anything!

In Sweden, there is a digital service where you can ask any question and get answers from wise public librarians. Funka’s Karin Forsell has trained with a group of people that seems to have one of the world's most fun jobs.

New Funka report on disability rights in Sweden

In a new report, Funka looks at how public sector bodies in southern Sweden can enhance the rights of persons with disabilities. How well do strategic approaches to disability policy work in practice?

Lovdata chooses Funka

Funka will provide ongoing support with regards to accessibility when the Norwegian foundation Lovdata publishes material about assistive technology and grants for people with disabilities.

Long-term care users contribute

Funka delivers accessibility expertise to an EU-funded research and innovation project that develops a system for co-creation among individuals, healthcare professionals, researchers and innovators. The goal is that different stakeholders together will develop new solutions for long-term care.

The Norwegian Environmental Authority

Funka has conducted an audit of accessibility on the new website for the Norwegian Environmental Authority.

A society without cash – can we handle that?

Funka’s Emil Gejrot adds some perspective to the debate around the “cashless society”, which many believe we’re about to enter.

Tools to influence the accessibility issue

Increased independence and more influence for young people with disabilities are two of the goals for an exciting project that Funka participates in starting in February.