Funka focuses on accessibility

We analyse, develop and educate in accessibility. We provide support, recommendations and user testing. We contribute to standards and guidelines at national and international level. We are market leaders in accessibility. We like to say that we can make anything accessible ...

Target audience customization increasingly common

Funka makes a yearly survey of how the public sector in Sweden works to ensure web content is comprehensible to all. This year shows some interesting results.

Meet us at Global Accessibility Awareness Day and other events

May 17th, Funka will celebrate the Global Accessibility Awareness Day in Stockholm, Sweden while our Oslo office focuses on the national holiday of Norway. In Genoa, Italy, we will lecture on accessibility at the university.

How hard can it be?

Before a new version of a standard is to be released, it is a very good idea to test the requirements in the real world. To make sure the success criteria of WCAG are possible to implement, W3C has used Funka's website as a test object.

Captions for videos on EN 301 549

The videos about EN 301 549, which Funka made on behalf of Microsoft, have had a huge impact and used in many countries. The videos are now published also with French and German captions.

Virtual Reality for increased knowledge

Invisible disabilities are often more difficult to understand and handle for the outside world, than physical impairments. Funka has received funding from Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency, to work on Virtual Reality experiences based on real stories from people with different disabilities. The aim is to develop training material that can contribute to an inclusive working life.

Funka to investigate democracy tools

To strengthen democracy, many municipalities are starrting to use digital tools for citizen dialogue. In order for everyone to participate on the same terms, the tools must of course be inclusive. Funka has been assigned to investigate how tools for citizen dialogue work for persons with disabilities.

Develops its website through user tests

The City of Stockholm is in the midst of an extensive development of the website In this work, they have assigned Funka for user tests to give the inhabitants of Stockholm the best possible conditions to find what they are looking for and have a smooth user experience along the way.

Have your say on the Web Accessibility Directive

The European Commission has published the draft implementing acts on the Web Accessibility Directive for public hearing. Until 15th of June, you can provide feedback on the monitoring methodology as well as the model accessibility statement.