We offer

Funka is a one-stop shop in accessibility. That means we work with web, the built environment, graphic design, ticket machines and ATM, communication, internal systems, apps, and everything else designed to be used by people. We are happy to provide requirements, user testing, reviews, support and training.

Interaction design

Put effort in developing a good concept, or interaction design, before starting to develop. By doing that you can avoid making late, unnecessary and time-consuming changes.

Alternative formats

The web is an effective way of working with accessible information, but it is not always enough. Funka provides recommendations, production and delivery of alternative formats.

Technical accessibility

Technical accessibility is about users being able to control the interface, with or without assistive technology, by way of mouse, keyboard, touchscreen or other input device. Let us guide you in testing and auditing technical accessibility.

Everything you need to know

After many years of discussions, we have finally collected the most important check lists and manuals into one single source of knowledge: a manual for accessibility.