Accessibility Subscription as a Service

Achieve, maintain and grow your digital accessibility over time with Funka's Accessibility-as-a-Service.

To achieve and maintain digital accessibility over time is to subscribe to one of Funka's accessibility subscription plans for your website and organisation.

The various plans are designed to match your accessibility maturity and needs. In this way, we ensure that we can provide the support you need, when you need it, whether your development is handled internally or you're working with an external IT provider.


Tailored to your unique digital maturity, our plans provide a bespoke support system, more than a mere service; it's a dynamic partnership sculpted to bolster your business's autonomous growth.

Begin your journey to comprehensive digital accessibility and independence with Funka's Accessibility-as-a-Service today.


We offer three accessibility subscription plans:

  • LEAD: Our premier plan, designed for comprehensive guidance and support, ideal for organizations seeking an end-to-end solution to navigate and implement digital accessibility. LEAD provides extensive analysis, robust reporting, and educational resources to ensure your services not only comply but set industry standards.

  • ACCEPT: Perfect for those who have a solid understanding of digital accessibility principles and seek occasional expert oversight. ACCEPT offers targeted support, including expert reviews and access to essential tools, ensuring your ongoing projects meet and uphold accessibility excellence.

  • MONITOR: For organizations confident in their accessibility management, MONITOR delivers essential tools for self-directed compliance checks and maintenance. It's the right choice for those who require minimal assistance while benefiting from access to expert support when necessary.

With our Accessibility-as-a-Service, you're not just subscribing to a plan; you're investing in a partnership that respects your independence and fosters your growth in the digital realm.

Choose the plan that best supports your organisation's commitment to accessibility and begin your tailored journey and unlock the full potential of your digital presence.

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Depending on the plan, services included in the subscriptions are:


Analysis against legal requirements

Our certified accessibility experts conduct an accessibility analysis of your main website against WCAG 2.1/2.2 AA and EN 301 549 standards.

Simplified automated analyses

Through the Accessibility Cloud testing platform, you can perform simplified analyses with a limited set of criteria according to WCAG.

Accessibility Statement (public sector)

We offer a thorough review of your accessibility statement, crucial for public sector organizations to ensure accessibility and transparency, enhance your reputation, and meet the requirements of the DOS law.

Accessibility Cloud

Web-Based Testing Platform for Reporting and Monitoring.

  • Pro Plan or Starter Plan

Sprint meeting

Sprint meetings with our accessibility experts to discuss your accessibility status, including the included accessibility analyses and the maturity of accessibility in your organization.

Analysis Report

  • Assessments, solution proposals, and prioritizations

Funka editor’s manual

This manual is for those who publish information online. Here we've compiled our recommendations on how to think and act to make the information as accessible as possible, for as many as possible. With 50 pages online, you can ensure that your content is accessible to everyone with our comprehensive editor's manual. We provide you with the security, knowledge, and tools to publish with accessibility in mind, enabling you to reach and engage a broader audience.

Funka accessibility requirements and recommendations

Our service for accessibility requirements offers you a reliable guide through the complex requirements of WCAG. Provide a clear basis for all your users affected by accessibility requirements. Be clear with your suppliers through a solid basis that ensures accessibility in purchasing and services.

Funka document manual

Our document manual on how to create accessible documents provides knowledge to prevent and ensure accessibility in documents, including guides for Word, InDesign, and post-processing in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Funka accessibility support

With direct access to Funka's support channel via a dedicated email address, you can be assured that quick help and expertise are just an email away.

Funka Academy On-Demand courses

All successful accessibility work begins with knowledge. Funka Academy's courses are developed by our own experts, are AI-driven, and are continuously updated with the latest news and current legislation. The subscriptions include 1-3 optional courses per quarter.
See Funka Academy's On-Demand course offerings (opens in a new window)

Funka discounts

Exclusive discounts on our other range of accessibility services and products. Invest in your staff and the future of your company at a favorable price.

Subscription terms

Annual or quarterly subscription are offered for all plans.