How to create accessible UX design

As designers we are responsible for ensuring that people, regardless of their abilities, will be able to use our digital services. How can you as a UX Designer or work to create sustainable digital services designed for all people? Opt to take the course on-demand at your own pace and add an optional live one-day session if you want to broaden and deepen your grasp of the subject.

For whom? 

This course is appropriate for anyone who works with user experiences, whether you call yourself an AD, service designer, interaction designer, visual designer, UI or UX designer. If you are a digital strategist, digital services procurement officer or a web developer with a high level of responsibility for the user experience, this course is also relevant for you.

To get the most out of the course, you should have basic prior knowledge of accessibility, either through our course Introduction to accessibility, or acquired in another way, for example through practical work. However, this is not a requirement for the content of this course.

About the course

In this course we look at how UX, design, and accessibility interconnect, what points are touched on in WCAG, as well as the added value of having users with functional impairments participate in use tests.

The course reviews strategic aspects of how your organisation needs to be able to work sustainably and accessibly. This means that all the roles on your team must understand their areas of responsibility. We believe in letting the “design for all” concept function as a design philosophy and serve as a guiding principle throughout the entire development process.

Course content 

The course contains the following main elements:

  • Basic understanding of accessibility and inclusive design
  • The variable needs of the target group and interface obstacles
  • What WCAG is and how UX & design interconnect with it
  • Tips on text tools and design methods that can be used to ensure that the interface can be used by as many as possible
  • See good and bad solutions
  • Try implementing both manual and automated interface testing
  • Know-how in arguing for accessibility and methods to educate, engage, and support colleagues in accessibility work.

How is the course delivered?

The course consists of two parts; a recorded course followed by a teacher-led one-day live session. 

Self-paced course on-demand

Funka Academy's recorded course is for those who want broad basic knowledge in accessibility close at hand. You get a basic overview but also the opportunity to focus on selected areas that you have a particular need for.

You can access the course on-demand when it suits you. The course is divided into chapters - take one or more at a time. You can also use the course as a knowledge bank; the search function makes it easy to find what you need.

  • Access to the course on-demand on Funka Academy's learning portal for 6 months.
  • 10 parts, totalling 75 minutes of recorded films and reference material.
Part 1 Topic Length
Part 1 Who is responsible for digital accessibility? 04:13 min
Part 2 Get to know the users 10:03 min
Part 3 Information structure and navigation 17:23 min
Part 4 Text and typography 05:11 min
Part 5 Colours and contrasts 08:06 min
Part 6 Links and buttons 06:58 min
Part 7 Pictures 06:04 min
Part 8 Video and audio 03:51 min
Part 9 Forms 09:41 min
Part 10 Self-monitoring 04:07 min

Add a Live one-day session 

Do you want to further improve your theoretical and practical skills? Maybe you have, or are about to enter, a role where deeper knowledge of accessibility is necessary? Or do you simply believe that you learn best and most from teacher-led training?

For you, we offer a complementary one-day session as an extension and continuation of the recorded basic course.

The course day consists of a live lecture and a workshop. The lecture provides broadened and deepened competence. The workshop includes application, discussion and practical exercises.

  • Live teacher-led one-day session 09:00 - 16:00.
  • Funka's subject matter experts lead the sessions.
  • The course is given live on site in Stockholm and online, the participant has the opportunity to choose how they want to attend.

After the course

After completing the course, you will receive a digital Funka Course Certificate showing that you have participated and the scope and content of the course.

You have continued access to the on-demand course material and knowledge bank for 6 months from the date of order.


Terms and conditions when buying a course from Funka  

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