How is your Accessibility Statement doing?

If you need support when it comes to declaring your level of accessibility, we are here to help! Funka offers support in all different phases of your accessibility work. Our experts have been involved in drafting the Web Accessibility Directive's implementation acts and we have helped several EU Member States to prepare and implement the national laws transposing the directive. We are proud and confident to say that we are experts on the topic.

As part of what is required to meet the directive’s requirements for accessibility, the public sector, government owned companies and some private actors need to declare their level of accessibility. The accessibility statement is targeting both users and the monitoring agency. End users will understand which parts of your interface that may not work for them. The monitoring agency controls the report and that organizations covered by the directive offer alternative formats if something does not meet the requirements for accessibility.

We can help you with the accessibility statement!

For example, we can:

  • Provide support in writing the statement or formulating it for you
  • Make sure that your documentation is valid
  • Determine what can be considered a disproportionate burden
  • Assist with the management of alternative formats
  • … and much more

On the way up to your accessibility statement, we are happy to help you with:

  • all types of questions about the directive and how the requirements should be interpreted
  • audits and testing
  • prioritization and methodology
  • training

We always assume the client’s conditions and needs - please feel free to contact us so we can put together exactly what you need!