Feature 2 of 10: Change language

Prototype of supporting feature to change language of parts of content.

This feature aims to help you provide a language attribute to content that deviates from the main language of the page.


In this test, you will select a language  attribute for a part of content in the text editor. This test has two options regarding how the specified language is presented in the text editor. 

  • In the first option, the content with deviating language is marked with a language code. 
  • In the second option, the content with deviating language is marked with an icon and the possibility to see what language it is when clicking.  

Purpose of test

The purpose of this test for this feature is to test the process and presentation marking up deviating content in diffrent languages the text editor. 


After the test, we would like you to answer a couple of questions about your experience. We are interested in which presentation you find more appealing.

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These tests will be performed under December 2020 and January 2021 and the tests will close on the 31:st of January 2021.