Feature 5 of 10: Forms editor

Prototype of supporting feature to help provide accessible forms.

This feature aims to help you provide accessible forms, with functionality for adding label, autocomplete and error messages.


All the input fields will be filled in from the start and this is to give a perception of how you can specify each field. Some interaction that is needed from you are marked with a thicker frame. 

This test has two options where you will look at different form objects. The two options differ from how you edit:

  • In the first option, the editing will take place in a dialog window.
  • In the second option, the editing will take place in the same view. 

Purpose of test

The purpose of this test for this feature is to test how you prefer creating/editing form objects. 


After the test, we would like you to answer a couple of questions about your experience. We are interested in which presentation you find more helpful and appealing. 

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These tests will be performed during December 2020 and January 2021.