The toolkit is a document which contains information on how to capture and categorise feedback from users about the accessibility of websites and mobile applications.

The toolkit aims to identify user expertise and user needs that influence feedback, improve the quality and increase the volume of feedback the user gives, create technical knowledge, and raise awareness. This toolkit is for Disabled Persons Organisations (DPOs) and Vocational Education Training (VET) providers. It can assist them in categorising the users’ competences in providing constructive feedback for public websites and support DPOs and VET providers to identify training needs for different user groups. But at the same time, it is also helpful for users, to understand how feedback mechanism work, as well as for Public Sector Bodies to enhance their feedback mechanisms.

UPowerWAD Methodological Toolkit (pdf), opens in new window

The research to develop this toolkit was carried out in cooperation with individuals with disabilities and Disabled Persons´ Organisations across the EU.

The consortium also considered previous research carried out by consortium partners and others.

We interviewed 37 users with disabilities from across the EU about their experiences and their expertise.

Finally, a workshop was held on 10 June 2022 to validate the results, with 75 participants from across Europe and beyond.

The toolkit presents the structured outcome of the interviews and the workshop.