A digital school for all

Initiated by Funka and with funding from Sweden’s Innovation Agency, VINNOVA, Funka has launched a new exciting innovation project within the school area. The project is about improving the conditions for students, teachers and parents with disabilities.

The Swedish disability policy is striving towards inclusion, also within the school where more and more students with disabilities are allowed into the public school. At the same time, all of the Learning Management Systems, LMS that Funka has examined on the Swedish market have serious deficiencies in accessibility.

For students, teachers and parents with disabilities, an accessible digital learning environment means the same conditions as everyone else when using the school systems. Being able to participate in class, create tasks, receive information and interact with others without constantly having to ask for help. Special solutions are often also perceived as stigmatizing, and rarely work as well as the mainstream solutions do.

At Funka, we believe that it should be a matter of course that the school systems in use work for as many people as possible, including teachers, students and parents with disabilities. Through the project "A digital school for all", Funka will develop a prototype for how the most common and most used modules in elementary school could be designed for a high level of accessibility. 

Funding: VINNOVA
Consortium: Funka
Time period: October 2014 to June 2016
Budget: 300 000 SEK

Project update

  • A step towards a digital school for all

    Funka has developed a prototype for a learning platform that is accessible to all regardless of disability. The project was financed by Sweden’s Innovation Agency.