Accessible language learning for immigrants

To enter the labor market, it is important for persons with other mother tongues to learn the local language. In addition, if you have a disability, the way learning takes place is even more important.

The Swedish tech startup Lingio has won the innovation competition run by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, with a language learning app that focuses on terminology for professional purposes. Funka provides support in the project and ensures that the app meets accessibility requirements, through advice and user tests.

Disabled migrants can experience extra difficulties entering the workforce. Therefore, Lingio will, with Funka's help, test and develop existing language tools and vocational courses accessible to that particular target group.

We will specifically take immigrant women into consideration, who to a larger extent than men are outside the labor market, says Yashar Moradbakhti, founder and CEO of Lingio.

The project is based on collaboration with the Swedish Public Employment Service, where Lingio previously validated applicants' language skills. In the project we will collaborate with several industries. The app supports major migrant languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Dari, Somali and Tigrinya.

This assignment fits well with our business right now, says Sara Kjellstrand, Project Coordinator at Funka. We have several ongoing school projects and also have a special focus on accessibility for immigrants.

The Lingio team was founded by former colleagues from Spotify, EA Games, Skype and MTG. They collaborate with a teacher team consisting of teachers of Swedish Tuition for Immigrants, with a focus on Swedish for professional purposes.

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Innovation Competition of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (in Swedish), opens in a new window

Post- och Telestyrelsen
Consortium: Lingio and Funka
Period: January 2018- april 2019
Budget: 2 MSEK