Accessible Recruitment

Personality testing is often used in recruitment processes, but the tests are not designed so that people with disabilities can participate on the same terms as others. The recruitment design company WeCompose has given Funka an assignment to contribute to increased accessibility of their testing tool.

Persons with disabilities to a great extent stand outside the regular labour market. Among other things, this is due to the fact that recruitment and selection methods are not accessible. The match between employers and workers is increasingly being done in automated flows online. Digitised and anonymised personality testing can make that process more efficient and fair. But the tests that exist today disfavour people with disabilities by not giving them the same opportunity to answer the test questions.

WeCompose and Funka are among the winners of this year's Innovation Competition of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, under the theme "Labor Market for All". Funka contributes with accessibility expertise, and will also assist with audits, knowledge support and user tests.

The project runs for 18 months starting in February 2018.

Funding: Swedish Post and Telecom Authority
Consortium: WeCompose and Funka
Period: February 2018- June 2019
Budget: 2 MSEK