Prioritisation and selection of templates

In the second phase of the project we explored how the user requirements collected in phase one can be best translated into templates with accessibility features that are ready to use for Episerver partners and clients, as well as providing inspiration for other authoring tools.

The aim has been to select templates that cover:

  • the most common accessibility fails.
  • the objects that web authors struggle the most with.
  • the items where fails can harm the end users most.
  • the functions that are technically feasible.

Based on input from:

  • web authors using Episerver.
  • the company Episerver who are developing the core of the tool.
  • Episerver partners who are using the tool to develop websites.
  • the experience from the research team during 20 years of accessibility testing and auditing and 15 years as an Episerver partner.

A set of accessibility by default features have been selected for prototyping and testing.

The selection resulted in a set of proposed templates that cover a mix of pages, objects and blocks:

  • Framework
  • Start page
  • Article page
  • Calendar event page
  • Page listing block
  • Calendar listing block
  • Text block
  • Image block
  • Forms block
  • Video block

Next steps:
Next steps include prototyping the selected templates and development of user testing scenarios. Users who are interested in user testing are welcome to contact us, see below.

Built-in accessibility offers support to web authors

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