Project results

The results of the We4Authors FEAT project are regularly published on this page, so that the whole community can benefit from it. When the final templates are ready, they will also be available at EpiServer MarketPlace and GitHub.

Phase 1: User requirements and specifications

In the first phase of the project, user needs were collected and analysed, using different methods:

  • Online survey primarily focusing on public sector web authors
  • Workshops with regional and local government web authors
  • Interviews with industry partners and end user organisations

The result is presented in a report:

We4Author FEAT User needs, PDF (813 kb), opens in new window

Based on the results from the collection of user needs, we selected what accessibility features to produce. The selection criteria covered different stakeholder perspectives:

  • Most commonly used templates, pages and objects.
  • Functionality where accessibility problems are most often seen according to partners.
  • Functionality where accessibility issues are causing most barriers according to end users.
  • Functionality where accessibility is perceived as difficult according to web authors.

This process resulted in ten specific accessibility features:

  • Framework
  • Start page
  • Article page
  • Calendar event page
  • Page listing block
  • Calendar listing block
  • Text block
  • Image block
  • Forms block
  • Video block

The selected features are described in the report:

We4Authors FEAT Selected features, PDF (916 KB), opens in new window

Phase 2: Iterative production of Episerver templates with built-in accessibility features

After deciding which features to focus on, we started an agile process of prototyping and testing. This part of the project is going to be finalised by the end of March 2021. When the analysis is made, the test results will be published.

Phase 3: Demonstration

As soon as the testing is finalised, we will make the final refinements of the templates and demonstrate them to the market. In May 2021, we will organise two webinars; one focusing on authoring tool producers and ICT suppliers and the other targeting web authors in the public sector. Stay tuned for more information!

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Built-in accessibility offers support to web authors

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