Would you like to try out new accessibility features in Episerver templates?

What if accessibility could work automatically when you publish on the web? Or give you good support so you can publish accessible without being an expert? That would make it a lot easier to live up to the Web Accessibility Directive, right?

We are now giving you the opportunity to test and contribute to innovative solutions within EpiServer templates!

The purpose of FEAT is to design templates that prevent web authors from having to be specialists in accessibility. When accessibility is already built into the authoring tools templates, the chances are greater that the result will work for everyone. During the spring, we will conduct user tests with web authors in the public sector to ensure that the new templates solve relevant problems, are easy to use and work well. Do you want to join?

The testing is carried out online. You will learn more about accessibility, get inspiration for new solutions and have the opportunity to influence the templates.

The result of the project will be free for all EPiServer partners and EpiServer customers, which means that we hope for a large spread in several countries.

The user tests start in February and each test takes about an hour. You are welcome to contribute once or throughout the iteration and we are of course grateful if you want to share your views on the features after the test and share the test among your contacts.

Built-in accessibility offers support to web authors

Funded by the European Commission.

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