Digitalization of audits!

Funka’s audits of accessibility have been very successful over the years. Now we will take the product one step further by digitizing the management of our expertise.

When the European Web Directive enters into force, there will be an increasing need for audits of digital interfaces. Since both the review and reporting is done manually, the handling of the results is tedious and time consuming.

In this Vinnova-funded project, we will develop a web-based platform where the results of the audit and all related information is collected and can be filtered based on customer needs.

The goal is to streamline the review and action process and give customers a better basis for its further work on accessibility, says Andreas Cederbom, Head of Analysis at Funka, who leads the project.

The impact for customers is that it becomes a lot easier to make use of external audit expertise, and they get more knowledge to work proactively to prevent deficiencies.

Within the project we will develop the concept and interface as well as test the web platform. The result is a demo version of the service validated together with clients in a first demonstration. We will also explore opportunities to introduce the service in Europe.


Funding: Swedens Innovation Agency Vinnova
Period: April 2017 – November 2018
Budget: 2,8 MSEK