Dispel the myths!

To dispel the myths! is a project that will present creative solutions to achieve a society for all. Accessibility is based on rules and laws, which is good, but the requirements often mean that managers are afraid to make mistakes. It is easier to do "as we have always done" than to have to try new solutions and ideas. That way we will never get anywhere! Funka wants to change that by demonstrating good examples that works for everyone.

Both among individuals and in society in general there are prejudices and preconceived notions about things that "just are" in one way or the other regarding persons with disabilities. Many times it is assumed that certain things are impossible, or that there is a conflict of interests. That what is good for one group would be bad for another.

To dispel some of the most common myths on accessibility for persons with disabilities is something I have wanted to do for a long time, comments Tommy Hagström, expert on accessibility in the built environment at Funka. These myths stand in the way of achieving accessibility for all and are used to avoid dealing with the real problem.

Another common myth is that if you make something accessible it will automatically be expensive, ugly, destroyed or impaired for other groups. This applies both to accessibility in the physical world and on the web. A clear example is the "conflict" which is considered to exist between the demands on accessibility and the historical values set to be preserved in a listed building.

What we want to change

Funka is involved on a regular basis in projects where different stakeholders find new ways of solving problems. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel, instead we want to spread knowledge about the clever solutions that someone already invented. We will gather good solutions and present them on a website to inspire more people to do more for people with disabilities.

If you have a good example of innovation in the field of accessibility that really disples accessibility myths, please share this with us!


Funding: The Jimmy Dahlsten Foundation
Period: April - October 2015
Budget: 250 000 SEK (25 000 EUROS)