Funka in a large EU-funded project on smart health for the elderly

Despite very large advances and continuous development in medical technology, only a fraction of all products and services are implemented on a large scale and reach the citizens. With a steadily aging population, the EU needs to create a sustainable and cost-effective way of using health care resources.

This is the starting point for Gatekeeper, a very ambitious project that aims to finding new ways to use technology effectively to ensure a healthy and independent life for the elderly. Funka contributes when it comes to requirements for accessibility, conducting user tests and making sure results are taken up in future standards.

The goal is to create a gatekeeper, who ensures that different stakeholders, for example

  • public and commercial healthcare providers
  • entrepreneurs
  • elderly
  • relatives, friends and various support functions around the elderly
  • universities and research institutions

can match ideas, technology, user needs and processes. The project will result in an open and secure platform, a standardized European open source framework open to all developers.

This way, different atakeholders can create combined digital solutions for personalized solutions, early detection of health problems and medication.

The framework will include:

  • the next generation of health care innovations
  • the entire care value chain for the elderly, which often changes over time
  • ability to validate against EU rules regarding data security, integrity, patient safety and the like
  • an accredited certification process
  • support for added value through advanced business models

A part from 42 project partners covering authorities, institutions, companies, organizations and universities, 40,000 elderly people in 8 healthcare regions from 7 EU countries are also participating in the project, which has a duration of 3,5 years.


Funding: European Commission, Horizon 2020
Consortium: Medtronic Iberica Sa (project manageent), Engineering - Ingegneria Informatica Spa, Samsung Electronics (Uk) Limited, Hewlett Packard Italiana Srl, Universidad Politecnica De Madrid, Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai Technologikis Anaptyxis, Stmicroelectronics Grenoble 2 Sas, Mysphera Sl, Geie Ercim, Hl7 International Fondation, Echalliance Company Limited By Guarantee, Udg Alliance, Mandat International Alias Fondation Pour La Cooperation Internationale, Universiteit Utrecht, Consorcio Centro De Investigacion Biomedica En Red M.P., Panepistimio Ioanninon, Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation, The University Of Warwick, Fondazione Politecnico Di Milano, Multimed Engineers Srl, MedisanteĢ, Open Evidence, Regione Puglia, Servicio Aragones De La Salud, Servicio Vasco De Salud Osakidetza, Sense4care Sl, Technische Universitaet Dresden, Carus Consilium Sachsen Gmbh, The Open Universityharokopio University Anaptyxiaki Diadimotiki Eteria Psifiakes Polis, Kentrikis Elladas Ae Ota (Intermunicipal Development Company Digital Cities Of Central Greece Sa), Panepistimio Patron, Stegi Evgirias Archaggelos Michael Kaimaklioy, The Cyprus Association Of Cancer Patients And Friends 1986, Ibermatica Sa, Asociacion Centro De Excelencia Internacional En Investigacion Sobre Cronicidad, Eip On Aha Reference Sites Collaborative Network, Biobeat Technologies Ltd., Fondazione Casa Sollievo Della Sofferenza, Bioassist Sa, Universytet Medyczny W Lodzi, Orthokey Italia Sr and Funka.
Period: October 2019 - March 2023
Budget: 19 598 327 EURO

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