Would you like to learn more about built-in / automatic accessibility?

If you work as a web author in the public sector, you have the opportunity to participate in one of Funka's EU-funded research projects on built-in accessibility in authoring tools. How can technology provide better support and help to you to publish accessible content? You can be part of it and make a difference!

Together with market-leading suppliers of authoring tools, we are currently developing features for increased accessibility that will work regardless of tool. The goal is for it to be easy for authors to do the right thing and the results of the project will be free for everyone to use.

To ensure that the features we develop really help web authors meet accessibility requirements, we will conduct extensive user testing. If you want to contribute to better solutions that help you create accessible content, you are welcome to share your experience and try out new smart features.

The user tests are carried out in October and each test takes about an hour. You can participate in one individual test or contribute for a longer period of time, it is entirely up to you.

Funka influences the authoring tool market