European event on ageing and care in digital transformation in September

Two outstanding initiatives active in the active and healthy ageing field will first time ever bring their communities together to facilitate the networking between their members and and discuss the future of ageing and care in digital transformation in Denmark.

The AAL Programme is a Member States and Commission-funded programme whose mission is to foster the development of digital solutions co-created by companies, universities and end-user associations for elderly. The EIP that our readers know very well already is the largest reference hub of AHA-experts at European level, including policy makers, researchers, companies, asssociations and professionals. Their joint forces are strategic and have concrete aims, such as networking and reducing the number of competing AHA-related events. The conference will mark an important step in their joint mission to support ageing and care in digital transformation and will help to shape the future approach to ageing societies in Europe post 2020 by their joint communities.

The event will be hosted by the beautiful city of Aarhus, Denmark, a member of the AAL community, very advanced in digital technologies for ageing. It is the tradition of the AAL annual Forum to move around Europe an visit locations in Member States. For the EIP on AHA annual Conference of Partners it will be the first time outside of Brussels.

This is the main event on the active and healthy ageing calendar. It will provide the community with a voice and a chance to help shape the future of our ageing society. Let’s use the occasion to develop synergies between these two exciting European programmes, says Jose Usero, Responsible for European projects at Funka and principle liaison with AAL and the European Commission.

The conference has brought an important and prominent responsibility to Funka, helping the AAL programme committee to shape the content of the event and be the principal liaison for the EIP towards the European Commission. We have invited high-level policy makers from the European Commission and some of Europe’s most well-renowned experts on active and healthy ageing. Some of the highlights will include a plenary session on the future of health and social care for an ageing population in Horizon Europe, helping to gather feedback from around Europe and to convey a joint vision and shared values for the 2021-2027 period.

At least three joint sessions will be held by AAL and the EIP on AHA members together on a variety of topics. These will cover issues such as

  • how to translate the digital transformation of health and care in practice,
  • a focus on the commercialisation of innovative digital health technologies targetting European startup
  • discussions on measuring the impact of digitally-enabled services for ageing and care.

The event will culminate with the European Awards for Reference Sites, celebrating regional partnerships that foster innovation and knowledge sharing across sectors in the field of active and healthy ageing.

The Conference of Partners will offer attendees a opportunity to network, plan and join a wide-ranging audience of leading European thinkers, regulators, policymakers, regional actors and associations in the field of active and healthy ageing, says Jon Switters, EU Project Manager at Funka.

Except for a few sessions dedicated to members only, the conference is open to any interested organisation active in the field of active and healthy ageing. Don’t miss this opportunity to get involved and have your say. Save the dates in your diary and join us in Aarhus from the 23-25 of September 2019!

This initiative is being carried out as part of the WE4AHA project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework programme. Funka is coordinating the WE4AHA project.

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