Innovative community living for young people

The TTT-project is done. Funka has together with Gisselberg Architects developed a concept for a new kind of collective housing. The project was financed by the Swedish National Board of Housing, Buildning and Planning.

Within the framework of the project, we have interviewed students and young adults with or without disabilities about their dream housing, done questionnaires and had an exhaustive workshops with the target groups.

It has been very rewarding to work with young adults and their issues regarding housing and to be able to have the accessibility perspective, so that public housing can work for as many people as possible, says Tommy Hagström, responsible for Funkas involvement in the project.

The project has resulted in a concept, which provides space for social interaction, without lessening the importance of private space. We call this solution ”collectively semi private-private”. The idea is collective housing in apartement buildnings, where a combination of private, semi private and social spaces provide a balanced whole.

It is vital to provide a foundation in wherein the greatest level of accessiblity and flexibility is possible. In the suggestion presented by the project members, a wheelchair intended for outdoor use and a turning radius of 75 cm can navigate in all spaces. Another important aspect is the sounscape, where we have with the concept of ”noisy-more silent-silent”. The solution is to develop an environment with a three-step noise reduction and sound absorbent materials. 

To reach a financially acceptable level for the target group, we have adopted methods to allow for industrial and modular buildning methods. The goal is that TTT will provide cost efficient housing, without compromising quality in regards to configuration, living standards and accessibility.

In an effort to promote construction of housing for young people The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning grants a total of 20 million Swedish crowns to different projects. Funka and Gisselberg Arkitekter have received SEK 600 000 for this project.


Funded by: The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning
Consortium: Gisselberg Architects and Funka
Period: 2014/2015
Budget: 600 000 SEK

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