New project about understandable information

Funka participates in a new project “Understandable text and information for all”, run by The Swedish Dyslexia Association. The goal is to improve access to understandable and accessible public information in Sweden.

Public sector and experts talk about plain language, easy to read and accessible media. But what do the different concepts really mean, and which target group needs what? Funka has been involved in several projects together with disabled persons organisations, where we have researched and user tested how we understand information in many different ways; text, images, sound, video ....

This project is based on previous results and wants to go even further. The project's target groups have difficulties in understanding the content of public texts and information, and the purpose of the project is to find out how the conditions look both at group level and individual level.

Understandable content has a tendency to "disappear" when talking about accessibility, says Andreas Cederbom, Head of Analysis at Funka. But no matter how accessible the technology is in all its glory - if the user does not understand the content, the whole exercise is pretty useless. We look forward to participating in this exciting project.

The project aims to

  • Increase knowledge on how to write in a clear way and convey the information so that recipients with cognitive impairments can understand the contents in the best way.
  • Find out how text, but also other media, can be designed in the best way for people with different cognitive conditions.
  • Use the new knowledge to contribute to a clarification of the terminology around plain language, easy to read and accessible language in Swedish.
  • Contribute to the new knowledge dissemination to relevant stakeholders, especially producers of text and information.
  • Contribute to better interaction between end users and the authorities who have the task of working with understandable public information.

Funding: The Swedish Inheritance Fund
Consortium: The Swedish Dyslexia Association (project leader), Aphasia Association, Autism & Asperger Association, National Association of children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities and Funka.
Period: 2016 - 2019

Project update

  • Understandable text and Information for all

    ”Understandable Text and Information for All” is a three-year project aimed at improving access to understandable and accessible social information in Sweden. This autumn Funka, together with partners and user organisations, is conducting user tests focusing on reading comprehension of different types of texts.