Join us in discussing and interpreting the international accessibility guidelines

Now you can help highlight good accessibility solutions and contribute to a more harmonized version of WCAG. Today, many accessibility experts are quite lonely in their organizations, which has led to the development of different interpretations of the guidelines. Funka has developed a tool where experts can discuss and compare web interface assessments.

Funka, together with German Dias and French BrailleNet, have now come so far in the process of developing the tool that we let experts start working in it.

This is an exciting first step and it will be fun to see how it will be used, says Funka's Head of Analysis Andreas Cederbom.

In the COMPARE tool, experts can submit different cases in the form of web pages, components, or features that either were problematic to assess, or show good examples of when someone has achieved accessibility. Thereafter, the case can be commented by other experts based on the various success criteria in WCAG, or based on usage tests. In this way, the solutions can be discussed and the solutions agreed on by experts can be lifted as good examples.

You can of course also use the tool conversely, to look for examples of different types of solutions, or to different assessments based on specific WCAG criteria. This also makes the interface an interesting learning resource in the training of accessibility experts.

COMPARE is an Erasmus + project with the goal of developing a tool where experts can discuss and compare how web site interfaces complies with WCAG. However, the project is not finished with the launch of the tool. A learning module is still to be built, to be used for teaching. The idea is to describe common types of difficult situations and with links to different examples and discussions show good solutions. In addition, the project team will continue to stock up with examples and discussions in COMPARE.

Anyone can enter and use the interface, but to post an example and discuss you will need a login. In order for this tool to be a really good resource, we need many people to contribute with assessments and solutions.

If you are interested in participating, please feel free to contact us via the form on the project website, opens in new window

New research project to interpret WCAG