Project for an inclusive labor market

The digitization combined with assistive technology means increased opportunities for persons with disabilities to actively participate in society through work. But the possibilities are only where the ICT-systems used in the workplace are accessible, which is far from always the case.

There are several studies that show problems with the digital work environment from an accessibility perspective, not least the mapping of the digital barriers in the labor market that Funka performed on behalf of the Norwegian Agency BufDir last year. Despite the Norwegian government's goal of getting more persons with disabilities in work, problems remain.

The focus on problems is so typical when it comes to persons with disabilities, says Lena Drevsjø, expert in universal design at Funka's Oslo office. It is far more constructive to look at what actually works well and try to learn from it.

In this project our aim is to develop a practical method to help solve the digital problems that make it difficult or impossible for disabled persons to enter and stay at the labor market. Some will be solved quickly, while others take longer. But we must start now.


Funding: BufDir UNIKT
Period: April 2017 - June 2018
Budget: 350 000 NOK

Project update

  • Overcoming digital barriers in employment

    Digital barriers in the work environment can be a major obstacle for persons with disabilities to actively participate in modern working life. With funding from Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, Funka has conducted a project in which we point out solutions for accessibility in financial system.