Understandable information

Funka has been leading a research project on human perception and understanding content, studying how different end user groups prefer and best understand content on the web. We have developed a testing interface where end users can interact with content, thereby pointing out difficulties and answering questions so we objectively can measure whether they do understand the content or not.

The formats we tested were plain language text, photos, illustrations, graphic objects, sound, animated film and multimedia (video). The end users were a broad group of individuals with different age, regional background, ethnical background, education, skills, abilities and preferences. We measured how much they understood objectively, through control questions about the content, and how efficient it was (timing, click, success etc.)

We also measured the test persons subjective experience on how difficult it was, what they preferred and if they felt it was quick, easy, sufficient etc. The technical platform that made the tests possible is now being used in many other research projects.

Funded by: Swedish Inheritance Found Commission (Allmänna Arvsfonden)
Consortium: Funka (leader), University of Lund (Certec), Swedish organisation of dyslectic, Swedish organisation of cognitive impaired, Swedish organisation of aphasia, Swedish organisation of neuropsychological impairments, Swedish organisation of deaf.
Period: 2008-2009