WeGovNow - public services closer to people's everyday lives

The EU-funded research project WeGovNow has now been going on for a year. So far we have mainly looked at map-based services, which will be put together under one umbrella that facilitates citizen involvement in democratic processes at the municipal level.

Since the municipal services and decision making often affect the individual's everyday life, these are important services, says Andreas Cederbom, Head of Analysis at Funka.

During the project, an effort to collect user requirements and preferences will result in a specification of requirements. At the same time, the suppliers involved in the project investigate how a common interface could handle the various services.

It is a fairly complex process and accessibility is just one of many parts of the project.

The project is now in an intensive phase with a number of important milestones, says Tommy Feldt, accessibility expert who carried out a large part of Funkas audits. You can see how committed the partners are in the lively discussions during our project meetings.

Right now the project develops processes to integrate the various project components with each other. The user needs and scenarios collected by the participating municipalities in England and Italy will soon be processed to form the basis for the development of the new service.

Funkas important role in this is to ensure that the new features developed works for all users, regardless of abilities and circumstances. During the project, we have audited the prototypes, delivered reports and provided ongoing support to project partners.

We also contribute with guidelines for continued testing of accessibility, and how the user experience of the service can be as good as possible.

WeGovNow: from e-Government to We-Government