Funka investigates digital barriers in Norway

Funka and Implement, a Scandinavian consultancy, will investigate what digital barriers exist that prevents persons with disabilities in Norway from entering the labour market. Funka has been assigned by the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, in charge of family-related welfare in Norway.

How the labour market works for persons with disabilities is an issue close to my heart, Funka CEO Susanna Laurin comments. Therefore it will be really interesting to contribute to improving the different systems.

Although more persons with disabilities undergo higher education today, unemployment in the target group is still high. Having a job contributes to increased social contacts, higher self-esteem and greater economic independence. The reasons that people with disabilities are excluded from the labour market can be many. Discrimination plays a part as well as low experience in seeking jobs, but probably also that IT systems and digital work environments do not work for everyone.

In cooperation with Implement, Funka will survey and present proposals on how the interaction between various societal functions and IT-solutions should work to achieve an inclusive labour market. 

Survey and proposals

Within the framework of the assignment we will do data collecting by for example interviewing users and experts on the labour market. By using a set of criteria we will analyse and evaluate how various barriers affect different target groups. Then we will present solutions with concrete actions that can help the labour market to work for everyone, regardless of ability.

Funka is grateful for the confidence and is looking forward to cooperating with Implement Consulting Group in this project.    

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Project update

  • Report on digital barriers published

    The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs is publishing Funka’s report: Digital obstacles for the employment of persons with disabilities. The report contains many interesting finds and solutions, but there is still much to do.


Susanna Laurin

Title: Chief Research and Innovation Officer (Susanna Laurin)

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