Funka investigates technology for text-to-speech

For users that need text-to-speech functionality in television broadcasts, it’s naturally important that the technology actually works. SVT are currently conducting tests with automated text-to-speech and TV4 are offering recorded human speech, on a small scale.

This inquiry will be on TV4, since the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority governs accessibility for the commercial broadcasters. The Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority strive for freedom of speech and support the possibility of diversity and accessibility in the press, radio and television.

It’s going to be interesting to see what technical possibilites there are, says Tommy Feldt, one of Funka’s accessibility experts that will work on this assignment. Read text is an important service for many people, and a really well-executed automated solution would benefit the users greatly.

The assignment entails that Funka will:

  • Survey what technical solutions for text-to-speech for usage in broadcasting are available in the marketplace and which of these are in use in Sweden and the Nordic countries
  • Describe the technical differences between the solutions
  • Approximate the cost for broadcasters and users
  • Analyze the user experience

After, the results of our inquiry will be tallied and analyzed in a report to the authority.

Funka appreciates the trust and we are looking forward to an interesting project.