Funka takes a look at accessible reading

Accessible reading helps everyone get information on their own terms. But what solutions are actually used, and who is responsible for them? In a new government assignment, Funka is finding out.

Over the past few years, the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media (MTM) has gathered information about how the need for accessible reading solutions – such as audiobooks, Braille or simple language texts – varies from person to person, from situation to situation, as well as over time. Now, Funka has been asked to review the information gathered.

As part of the assignment, Funka will outline what we know about the target audiences for accessible reading. Funka will also investigate the how the responsibility for providing accessible reading solutions is divided between different actors. Who does what, and are there things that no one does?

This is an exciting assignment that speaks clearly to what we do and what we know, says Emil Gejrot, researcher at Funka. Now, we’re looking forward to getting a better picture of what accessible reading means today.

Work on the assignment is already underway. Over the coming months, it will involve a review of available literature and interviews with key stakeholders. The results will be presented in a written report.

Our hope is that Funka will deliver a report that can serve as a cohesive foundation of knowledge, and that we will then be able to develop our cooperation based on the knowledge gaps we see, says Daniel Frelén at MTM.

The Swedish-language report will be delivered at the end of November.