Accessibility in all standardisation

What if all standardisation, regardless of area, had a clear accessibility perspective? The world would certainly look different. To achieve this, the Swedish working group for accessibility, SIS TK536, has been formed. As of the fall of 2015, Funka is an active member of the group, which among other objectives has the aim of increasing the knowledge on accessibility in other standardisation committees.

Unfortunately, we cannot take part in all relevant standardisation work, but this group is something we wanted to prioritise for a long time.

The working group is tasked with for instance a revision of Guide 71, that contains guidelines to include the needs of elderly persons and persons with disabilities (ISO/IEC Guide 71/ CEN Guide 6).

Besides the group monitors the International Strategic Advisory group on Accessibility, SAGA (CEN/BT/WG/ 213 SAGA) and the group Design for all (CEN/CENELEC JWG 5).

Other objectives include contributing to the exchange of experiences between experts and stakeholders, and to increase focus on accessibility issues in society.

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